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Know About
Tenants Fees

Below is a list of our fees which can be charged when you apply, during or at the end of tenancy. Please note that fees paid to secure a property are subject to landlord approval and should the applicant/s fail to complete the administration process within the designated timescale fees will be non-refundable to cover administration services.

Tenant fees and common deductions are inclusive of VAT


1 weeks rent to secure the property which goes towards your damage deposit

This fee covers identity, immigration and visa checks as required by law and also referencing including credit or financial, current employment and current accommodation. In addition the fee covers the administrative tasks in preparing your tenancy and relating documents. Please note that if a tenant fails this proceed due to failing these checks the fee is non-refundable.

Company Agent Fee – £500

This fee covers the referencing as per the above.

During Tenancy

  • Rent overdue by 14 days (per property per month) - 3% above the Bank of England’s base rate for each day that the payment has been outstanding.

End of Tenancy

  • Early exit fee - £275

    This fee becomes payable should the tenant wish to exit and sources a suitable replacement once the tenancy agreement has been signed by all parties.

  • Key Return – cost per key if 50% or more fail to return keys a fee for replacement lock will be charged

    This fee becomes payable if the tenant(s) fail to return their keys at the time of the checkout.

  • Agent advertising the property under the Tenant request - £2 weeks rent of the household

    Should the tenant wish to instruct the Agent to find new tenants for the property, upon granting the new tenancy this fee becomes payable.